St Matthew's Church

Blackmoor and Whitehill


Marriage is the moment when we promise ourselves completely and exclusively to one other person for the rest of our lives. Anyone who lives in the Parish of St Matthew's, Blackmoor and Whitehill, or who attends St Matthew's church regularly, has the right to be married in the church. The marriage service is a beautiful, special and holy one, in which the bride and groom make promises to each other, and so become husband and wife.


You don't have to live in the parish to be married in the church. Anyone can be married in St Matthew's church, provided that they have a qualifying connection with the parish. To find out what that means, click here. More information is also available on the next page. If you are in any doubt, please contact Dom.


Those who have been married before but are now divorced can, under some circumstances, be married in the church. Please talk to us about this well before you would like to be married.


Marriage is important, and we do all we can to make it affordable. A church wedding costs around £470, plus £80 for an organist, £120 for bells to be rung and £80 for the choir if required. If you have a video taken at your service, there is an additional £80 to pay. Please click here for more information on this.

For some suggestions on music which is suitable for your service, please click here.


Please contact Dom as early as possible on 01420 473548 to plan a date for your wedding day, and for more details.


If you are attending a wedding at St Matthew's and have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We do all we can to make the service easy and enjoyable for all. Bio-degradeable confetti may be thrown, but only outside the walls of the churchyard please. We do have a ramp available to make the church accessible for wheelchair users, just let us know if you need to use it.


And afterwards, be sure to send us a wedding photo! Click here to see some recent photos taken at St Matthews...


We have created a new Facebook page for our wedding couples to share their plans and preparations. Please click on the link, and invite your friends to Like and Share the page too.



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