St Matthew's Church

Blackmoor and Whitehill


Our Vision


Faithful, growing, moving deeper.


Our vision is that together we are a FAITHFUL CHURCH.  Faithful to the Gospel and open to the guidance and prompting of the Holy Spirit in all areas of church life. That there is not one area of our church life that does not place Jesus firmly in the centre of all things, and that together we accept him as the overall head of our churches.


Our vision is that we are a GROWING CHURCH, seeking always to develop both numerically and spiritually with a focus on invitation to, and welcome into, our churches. We look for every opportunity to introduce people from our community into a relationship with Jesus and active membership of the local church.


Our vision is that we are a NURTURING CHURCH with a strong desire for the effective pastoral care of all members, and those who come to our churches for occasional services. That we have well established and effective means of communication within and between our two churches and that our ultimate goal as two parishes is complete unity. We will always have on offer a variety of ways for church members to link into a group or activity in which they can find social contact, make friends and grow in faith.


Our vision is that as a unified church we are always seeking to MOVE DEEPER in faith and service to Jesus. That across ALL age groups we seek out, identify and nurture the gifts of every member, looking always for new leaders to develop. We encourage every member to take up opportunities to deepen their faith through regular church attendance, the study of the bible, exploring the various ministries of the Church and by joining a group, taking a regular retreat, and other forms of spiritual discipline and growth.


Our vision is that our church has FINANCIAL STABILITY, understanding that this is only truly possible through a focus on increased membership and attendance in church with regular, sacrificial giving.  We focus on a limited number of regular fundraising events each year (and see those primarily as opportunity to serve the community and share the gospel). We encourage those who come to church for occasional services and at particular times of the year to see giving financially to the church as being of great importance. We regularly review our financial position, keep the whole church aware of our needs (both financial and otherwise) and make changes where necessary.


Our vision is that as a church we are COMMUNITY FOCUSSED, taking time and effort to assess what the real needs of our community are and then seek to respond to them as Jesus did. We also have keen hearts for the needs of the wider world and see our role as local church to support the poor and needy internationally as well as locally. We always seek to broaden our vision and develop our compassion for the world.


Click here to download our action plan for 2016.