St Matthew's Church

Blackmoor and Whitehill



A funeral is the time when we thank God for the life of the person who has died, and ask God to take them and look after them, because we can't any more. We ask God to help us, and all those who will miss the person who has died, and we look forward to the time we will see them again in heaven.


A funeral service can be held in church, at a cemetery or at a crematorium. If the service is in church, the body can be:

  • buried in the churchyard.
  • taken to the cemetery and buried there.
  • taken to the crematorium for cremation.

After a cremation the remains can be buried in the churchyard.


The loss of a loved one is a difficult and painful event, and it is not easy to make decisions soon after their death. Our ministry team are always available to spend time with those who are mourning, and to help with any arrangements.