St Matthew's Church

Blackmoor and Whitehill



Christening, (also known as Baptism) is the moment when we become a part of the Church, and begin the journey of coming to know and love God.


At Baptism the sign of the cross is made on our forehead, to show that we are adopted into the family of the Church.


At Baptism water is poured three times over our head, in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.


Jesus was baptised in the river Jordan. As we share that experience with Him, He offers to share with us:

  • His life, which was beautiful and good, and which we are called to imitate.
  • His death, which cannot be avoided, and
  • His rising at Easter and going to heaven, where only He can lead us.

At Baptism we receive a candle, to remind us of Jesus, the Light of the World, and of our promise to carry His light into the world as we leave the service.


Baptisms happen during the Sunday morning family service at 9:30am on the third Sunday of every month, but can also be held in the afternoon on any Sunday, by discussion with our ministry team.


Anyone, of any age, who lives in the Parish of St Matthew's, Blackmoor and Whitehill can be baptised at St Matthew's Church.


If you are interested in Baptism for yourself or a child, please call Dom on 01420 473548 or use the contact form.